Daniele Silvestri

Daniele Silvestri

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Daniele Silvestri is a great music talent who was born in Italy.

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Daniele Silvestri is an italian singer and songwriter born in Rome on August 18, 1968 whose instruments are vocals, piano and guitar. The musician competed in the Newcomers' Section of the Sanremo Music Festival in 1995 with "L'uomo col megafono" included in the album, "Prima di essere un uomo", whose second single, "Le cose in comune", became a radio hit and allowed him to receive the Targa Tenco for Song of the Year in Italy. In 2002 Daniele Silvestri released the single "Salirò" by winning the Critics' Award at the Sanremo Music Festival and became a top 5 hit in Italy in the same year.

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