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Jack Savoretti is a brilliant music talent from United Kingdom where he was born in 1983.

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Jack Savoretti is an English solo acoustic singer of italian descent: hid dad is from Genoa and his grandfather was a partisan who participated in the liberation of Genoa by the Germans. The singer brought up in London where he was born on October 10,1983, before moving to Lugano (Switzerland), near Italy. Jack Savoretti began playing guitar at 16 by becoming famous for his skill in acoustic music: Burn Magazine compared his music to Simon & Garfunkel's style, while London's Daily Telegraph said that the singer plays guitar as if he had a 'primitive magic on it', and some experts in the music industry called him the new Bob Dylan. Savoretti did two duets with Shelly Poole called "Anyday now" and "Hope", both of which appear on Poole's album "Hard time for the Dreamer", which was released in September 2005. He has released four studio albums to date: Between the Minds (2007), Harder than easy (2009), Before the storm (2012) and Written in Scars (2015).

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