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Gabriella is an interesting music talent from Canada where she was born in 1993.

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Gabriella Laberge is an incredible young musician, singer and songwiter from Montreal, Quebec (Canada) where she was born in 1993. She started showing her wonderful talent since the age of 6 years when she began playing her violin. Gabriella is a multi-instrumental artist cause she plays also guitar and piano to compose the arrangements of her songs. Every single note of her compositions containes a story, a fragment of life; each chords is a frame of the art of happiness as you can check in her album The story of Oak & Leafless. Gabriella is an amazing and complete artist, a perfect mix of grace, talent and sweetness that seduces the audience from the first notes. She took part in The Voice France 2016, la plus belle voix by impressing the judges and wowing the audience. During her blind audition she performed the cover song of The Scientist by Coldplay. She choosed team Mika by playing with her violin his hits "Happy handing". Visit her website:

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